Agricultural Robots to Replace Farmers on the Field Over the Period of Time

4 Oct


Robotics and technologies have spread all over the world just like unchecked weed in the farmland. The difference here between them is, unlike weed, robotics and technologies are helping the world to develop and flourish. Implementing robotics in the field of agriculture has proved a revolutionary technique for maximizing the yield. These innovative technologies are currently being focused at the harvesting stage. Several tasks including weed control, planting seeds, cloud seeding, soil analysis, harvesting environmental monitoring

The production yields have substantially increased after introducing robotics in the field of agriculture. Farmers are getting accustomed to using drones, robotic arms, or autonomous tractors efficiently. These agricultural robots are designed to automate repetitive, slow, and dull tasks for the farmers. This helps the farmers to focus more on improving the overall production yield. Most common tasks that can be done using robots and automation are as follows­

  • Weed control
  • Harvesting and picking
  • Phenotyping
  • Autonomous pruning, mowing, seeding, thinning, and spraying
  • Utility platforms
  • Sorting and packing

The most popular use of robots in the field of agriculture is harvesting and picking. A robotic system can be specially designed with a vision system and sensors in order to determine the location and the ripeness of the crops that need to be harvested. It can be programmed to overcome severe environmental conditions, including varying light intensity, dust, wind gust, and temperature swings. A robotic arm can be installed to perfectly maneuver the machine and avoid obstacles. Unlike robots used in industries for lifting up metal parts on an assembly line, these agricultural robots are designed to handle the load carefully and delicately.

The demand for food is rising exponentially with the increase in the population. On the other hand, there’s no changes in the available farmlands to meet this ever-increasing demand. In order to curb this demand, farmers need to change their approach of traditional farming methods and adapt to new innovative robotic automation, in order to increase the production yield. This need of transformation has changed the agriculture in to a high-tech business. Several reforms have been made in order to introduce innovative techniques to farming. Here are few of the robots that made noteworthy reforms to the agricultural field­

  • Ecorobotix

This autonomous drone works smoothly and efficiently on solar energy. It is light in weight, and functions on GPS to navigate through the field. The specialty about this drone is that it stores the solar energy throughout the day and works immaculately through out the night. Farmers can use the Ecorobotix for days at a stretch without worrying about the power consumption or efficiency. It is installed with complex camera system that is programmed to precisely target and spray weeds. As this robot performs with higher accuracy rates, it uses 90% less herbicide while spraying making in 30% cheaper than the traditional method. These robots could replace human interference in the farms down the road.

  • Naio Technologies

Naio Technologies act as a host for robots that use techniques for persevering and protecting the environment. The robots by Naio technologies are designed perfectly to save the farm ecosystem. Their robots feature abilities to hoe, weed, and assist during harvesting. Their main focus is to offer all the participants in the agricultural process an easy access to all the latest and modern technologies that would support and help them in cultivating environmentally friendly and abundant crops.

  • Energid Citrus Picking System

Energid Citrus Picking System are prefect for those in citrus business as this system work efficiently at a faster speed. Their system is designed to pick up the fruits every 2 to 3 seconds. They handle the fruits with care, ensuring no harm to them. Furthermore, the robot can be easily assembled and is cost effective. This system reduces the labor and time taken for picking up the citrus fruits.

  • Agrobot E-Series

Perfect for harvesting strawberry fields, Agrobot E Series is a highly efficient robot. This robot feature twenty-four arms that are connected wirelessly and are operated using advanced AI system. This system is not only just designed to pick strawberries at an alarmingly fast rate but are also are programmed to identify the ripeness of the fruits in the fields.

  • Blue River LettuceBot2

As the name suggest, these robots are designed to work flawlessly in the fields of lettuce. These bots are upgraded with high-tech imaging system and can be integrated with the tractor for thinning out the lettuce fields. These innovative robots also help in preventing the fields from herbicide-resistant weeds. Similar to Ecorobotix, the Blue River LettuceBot2 uses 90% less herbicide on the crops.

  • Agribotix

In case of monitoring the whole field without breaking a sweat, drones play a vital role. Farmers can use this cost-effective Agribotix to analyze and collect information of the crops over a period of time. Furthermore, its highly efficient backend programming provides farmers with real time data. It can be used to capture photos or record video of the entire field. These drones feature infrared sensors that can be used to analyze the health of the crops.

  • Vision Robotics

Vision Robotics boasts on featuring the best VR team that has helped in manufacturing AI-powered robots. These robots can be used by farmers in order to take care of vineyard pruner or lettuce thinner.

  • RoboPlant

RoboPlant is machinery that can be semi or fully automated by the farmers to mange their greenhouse and horticulture.

  • PrecisonHawk

These drones are the perfect tools for farmers to get perfect visibility and information of the entire field while in air.

Integration of robotics in different sectors of agriculture has proved beneficial to farmers. This technological evolution has significantly impacted the farming process by reducing the human interventions and labor. Several enterprises have deemed this field to have a great potential and have started investing for the development of innovative technologies which in turn has boosted the market of agricultural robots. After exhaustive research, Allied Market Research has estimated that the global agricultural robots market will garner up to $11.05 billion by 2023, growing exponentially at a CAGR of 21% from 2017 to 2023. Over the period of time, surge in the adoption of telematics sensors could create lucrative opportunities for the market.

Jessica Hamelburg

Jessica Hamelburg

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Jessica Hamelburg is a content marketing coordinator and social media manager for a global industrial asset management company, EquipNet, Inc. Jessica holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communications and Public Relations from Suffolk University and offers many years of experience in various forms of writing. Some of her favorite hobbies include exploring new music, creative writing and spending time with her dogs.


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