Analyzing the Potential of Predictive Maintenance and Advanced Technologies in Heavy-Duty Trailers

21 May



  • Introduction
  • Advantages of predictive maintenance for trailers
  • High demand for customization
  • Latest product launch in the sector

Heavy-duty trailers are the core of the supply chain and play an essential role in transporting goods to their destinations without interruption. The fusion of advanced technology and novel strategies has fueled a revolution in the heavy-duty trailer industry, redefining how fleets operate and thrive. The huge weight and dimensions of large construction equipment, such as bulldozers, cranes, and excavators, often necessitate the use of specialized heavy-duty trailers. This approach enables construction firms to efficiently transport equipment to job sites by reducing downtime and minimizing project delays.

The widely used heavy-duty trailers involve dry van, lowboy, hybrid, utility, refrigerated, and flatbed trailers. Lowboy trailers are designed with a low deck height, enabling them to transport tall and oversized cargo while keeping a low center of gravity. This characteristic is essential for ensuring stability and safety during transportation. Lowboy trailers are constructed to manage heavy loads, more than 40 tons. They are equipped with robust frames and axles designed to support the weight of large construction equipment, including cranes, excavators, bulldozers, and other machinery. Due to these features, the lowboy trailer type is anticipated to manifest a noteworthy CAGR of 6.2% by 2032.

Role of predictive maintenance in reducing repair cost of trailers

The introduction of predictive maintenance systems represents a transformative phase for the heavy-duty trailer industry. By utilizing the abilities of machine learning and artificial intelligence, these systems anticipate potential failures and proactively schedule maintenance tasks.

Predictive maintenance integrates real-time diagnostics, historical data, and external factors like route details and weather conditions. Through predictive algorithms, the system can anticipate when a particular component is prone to failure, facilitating scheduled maintenance during non-operational hours. This approach minimizes downtime and overall maintenance costs by addressing issues before they escalate.

Implementing predictive maintenance represents a strategic decision for fleet managers, enabling them to transition from a reactive to a proactive maintenance approach. Adopting these technologies enables truck owners to optimize their maintenance schedules and extend the lifespan of components and the overall reliability of their fleet.

Growing demand for customized trailers is reshaping the sectoral outlook

Businesses across different sectors are focusing on optimizing their logistics and transportation operations, leading to rising demand for trailers customized to their specific needs. Customizing trailer design and manufacturing enables the development of solutions that precisely align with the cargo and operational demands of businesses. This customization involves specialized features such as low-bed trailers for heavy machinery transportation, temperature-controlled compartments for the pharmaceutical or food industry, or flatbed trailers equipped with customized securing mechanisms for construction materials.

Businesses can optimize logistics operations, gain a competitive advantage, and improve efficiency in the industry by utilizing customized trailers. 

For instance, Talbert Manufacturing successfully developed a customized variant of its 60CC-RC trailer in March 2023. The customized trailer possesses enhanced reinforced deck and weight distribution options. These upgrades improve the trailer's versatility, enabling it to meet a wide range of load requirements across different states. The fixed four-axle close-couple trailer, specially designed for Bill Miller Equipment Sales Inc., now includes an option to add a fifth axle.               

Hendrickson introduced mechanical and air suspension Axle for trailers

In July 2023, the Hendrickson, globally recognized manufacturer of heavy-duty and medium elastomeric, air, and mechanical suspensions, along with non-integrated and integrated axles, introduced its axles for trailer applications and air and mechanical suspensions in India. The TA 14 heavy-duty air suspension was designed for Indian applications, considering the local road conditions and the developing infrastructure in the country.

To sum up, the global heavy-duty trailer industry is expanding rapidly due to the extra carriage capacity of trailers, surge in industrialization, development of the logistic sector, rise in preference toward e-tolling, and growing cold chain transportation. Moreover, the rise in attention to trailer platooning and the surge in specialized and customized trailers are expected to open new avenues for the sector in the future. 

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Koyel Ghosh

Koyel Ghosh

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