Network Analytics: How 5G Integration Is a Profitable Move for Your Business?

26 Mar



  • Introduction
  • The potential of network analytics
  • Role of 5G in network analysis
  • Key partnerships

Network analytics involves applying big data principles and tools to the data utilized for managing and securing data networks. This approach offers an enhanced understanding of network performance and organizational network utilization. Network analytics help IT organizations improve security measures, optimize performance, diagnose complex issues, forecast traffic patterns, identify potential problems, and conduct thorough forensic examinations & audits.

Network analytics holds significant value for organizations managing complex networks and those with stringent security needs. As a result, larger enterprises are more inclined to employ network analytics compared to smaller businesses. However, owing to factors such as ease of use, standardization, cost reduction, and integration into managed services, companies with smaller networks are finding it increasingly feasible to adopt analytics solutions.

How do network analytics contribute to performance optimization?

Capacity planning and performance improvement with network analytics

When network analytics is performed effectively, it delivers real-time insights about hidden bottlenecks and other network design issues that choke traffic and impede productivity. One of the benefits stated by network analytics applications is that companies discover even greater dividends by applying this data to assess ongoing performance optimization.

IT organizations use historical pattern data to predict future capacity needs and potential performance challenges. Accessing this data allows IT organizations to rebalance network traffic, expand capacity, and modify settings to meet communication needs.

Network analytics for cloud security  

IT organizations use flow logs from third-party cloud environments to gain real-time insights into activities within their on-demand environments, serving as a prime example of network analytics use cases. Cloud-based network analytics allows organizations to monitor network performance and make informed decisions about cloud resource provisioning on the basis of dynamic usage requirements.

In addition, cloud network analytics provides visibility into potential security threats or vulnerabilities. Owing to this, cloud service providers widely use network analytics in their operations. The cloud service providers segment is expected to garner an absolute revenue of $4,896.0 million by 2032.

Integration of 5G technology in network analytics drives efficiency and innovation

In this transformative digital era, 5G network analytics is a catalyst for driving innovation and efficiency. This advanced analytical technology capitalizes on the extensive capabilities inherent in 5G networks, such as high-speed data transmission, ultra-low latency, and the ability to connect multiple devices simultaneously. By leveraging these capabilities, 5G analytics empowers businesses with unprecedented insights into their operations, customer behaviors, and industry trends.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Big Data technologies form the foundation of 5G network analytics. These technologies collaborate to analyze the substantial volumes of data produced by 5G networks. AI and ML algorithms excel at predicting patterns, detecting anomalies, and providing insights that enable businesses to make informed decisions rapidly. Big data technologies play a vital role in managing and analyzing the extensive datasets generated by 5G networks, thus enabling real-time analytics and decision-making processes.

In the energy sector, 5G edge analytics enables more efficient management of energy distribution, optimizes grid operations, and facilitates the integration of renewable energy sources. This application is significant in managing sustainable energy and reducing carbon footprints.

Asia-Pacific network analytics industry has gained momentum

The network analytics industry in Asia-Pacific has experienced growth due to an increase in cloud-based solutions for data traffic analysis, flexibility, & scalability of digital infrastructures and deployment & optimization of 5G networks. Among the Asia-Pacific countries, India is anticipated to manifest a notable CAGR of 27.4% by 2032.

How have frontrunners maintained their supremacy in the dynamic sector?

The global network analytics industry has transformed due to technological advancements and 5G network integration. Top entities have strengthened their position in a competitive industry by adopting strategies such as collaborations, mergers, partnerships, acquisitions, and new product launches. For instance, on March 14, 2024, IntoTheBlock, a top-tier provider of on-chain analytics, revealed the incorporation of the TRON network into its Market Intelligence suite. This integration was made possible through a collaboration with TRON DAO, which grants free access to these advanced indicators for the TRON DAO community.

On the other hand, TPG Telecom and Ericsson entered a multi-year agreement in August 2023 to deliver an Australian-first cloud-native and artificial intelligence-powered analytics tool aimed at enhancing network performance. TPG Telecom's Technology, Network, and Care teams gain comprehensive insights into individual subscribers' experiences using Ericsson Expert Analytics and EXFO Adaptive Service Assurance.

To conclude, network analytics offers several advantages, such as network performance monitoring and data traffic analysis. The global network analytics industry has gained popularity due to rise in adoption of cloud-based network analytics solutions, network optimization, and surge in network complexities. However, rise in data privacy requirements and regulatory compliance are expected to offer remunerative growth opportunities for the industry in the upcoming era.

For a detailed analysis of the competitive landscape and investment opportunities in the global network analytics sector, contact our experts today!

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Koyel Ghosh

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