Why should Technological pundits invest in Femto Cell Markets?

23 Apr


Why should Technological pundits invest in Femto Cell Markets?

Technology strides have astonished us many times! Sometimes, man designs a technology which he feels has reached next level of excellence. However, such High-Tech technologies may also need certain up gradation that would make them fully functional. One classic example is of Femto cells. Well in simple terms, femto cells are used to enhance the signal strength of cell phones. Today’s manufactured cell phones have a high end technological design; however, due to skyscrapers and other barriers, it is not able to capture signals. So, femto cell technology is used to increase the network coverage area where there is no coverage.


Increasing use of cell phones is boosting the growth of femto cell market. Like any other technologies, femto cells are the next hot shot for technological investors. This field is looked upon by many investors with high hopes. In fact, number of researches conducted suggest that femto cell technology market would grow immensely in future.


Allied Market Research’s opinion about Femto Cell Technology Market:

An extensive research undertaken by the analysts of Allied Market Research has made the Femto cell technology market an attractive destination for investors. The study by AMR stated that femto cell technology market would reach a whooping figure of $3,712 million by 2020.


What are the key drivers of Femto Cell Technology Market?

  • Technological advancements
  • Reduced prices of Femto Cell devices
  • Rise in use of Smartphones
  • Smooth connectivity
  • Efficient and cost effective services
  • Rise in use of broadband services
  • Rise in disposable income


What should companies look for before adopting femto cell technologies?


There are two important factors listed by AMR that companies should know before adopting femto cell technology:

  • Technology used in the Equipment
  • User Capacity

    Market restraints:

    • Lack of awareness
    • High cost of equipment
    • Competition from other emerging technologies such as LTE 4G


    Allied Market Research has segmented Femto cell market into two categories:

    • SIP/IMS technology
    • IU-H technology             


    SIP/IMS technology’s use has increased in the last few years. Similarly, IU-H technology is also driving Femto cell market due to cost benefits. Due to multiple application in networking area, IU-H technology has a larger market share as compared to IU-H technology.


    Global Femto cell market is divided into following categories:

  • 2G
  • 3G
  • 4G
    Akhilesh Prabhugaonkar

    Akhilesh Prabhugaonkar

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