Use of Electric Power Tools Has Become Prevalent across Many Industries

14 Aug


In the last few years, electric power tools have almost transformed a number of industries such as automotive, construction and many more. Right from disentangling simple tasks like screwdriving to streamlining intricate operations like severing and splintering heavy objects, electric power tools have come out as a handy choice by saving the required time and efforts into half. Moreover, the tiny sizes and easy availability of the tools encourage their adoption even in simple everyday applications such as hammering, cutting, nicking etc. which, in turn, boosts the global electric power tools market in more than one way.

In a nutshell, power tools can be defined as tools and gizmos that are driven by electricity. They are largely utilized in the realm of, sanitation, plumbing, construction, and other electrical & industrial chores. Power tools have multiple applications in several commercial establishments and that’s the reason business owners in manufacturing units have started shifting their choice from ordinary hand tools to the electrically powered ones. They can be best used to wind up several repair and construction jobs in the least possible time and with fewer labors & exertions.

High speed is considered as the most prominent benefit offered by electric power tools. With power tools on board, time-consuming industrial errands can be completed just in a jiffy.  For instance, driving screws with hand tools in manufacturing units is quite onerous a job and it takes huge time for the laborers to complete each of the assigned task on time. However, with a reliable power tool, such tasks have just become a cakewalk. Secondly, power tools are more functional and efficacious. With a drill driver, one can shove larger screws in through hard-hitting materials. Simply put, power tools can be utilized to perform several tasks that can’t be executed with ordinary hand tools. Thirdly, these tools come with the potential to perk up the proficiency of workers by streamlining their work and sewning up different tasks in lesser time. This way, the human resources into operation become able to focus more on quality rather than dissipating their time on minor, unproductive tasks.

Lately, the preference for online shopping of power tools has also ballooned up to a notable degree. One can now find a number of online retailers that have emerged to major in electric power tools. And, thus, it would certainly not be a deficient idea for any individual, especially those looking to start off their own business, to go with this drift and offer an extensive range of tools to the customers at affordable prices.

According to Allied Market Research, the global electric power tools market is expected to register a considerable CAGR from 2020 to 2027. High-end advancements in technology have increased the efficiency and productivity of electric power tools to a significant extent. This, in turn, has boosted their adoption in various applications. To conclude, it can be said that the global market has started proliferating at a rocket’s pace and in the next few years to come, it would thrive yet more.

Jessica Hamelburg

Jessica Hamelburg

PR & Marketing Professional at EquipNet, Inc.

Jessica Hamelburg is a content marketing coordinator and social media manager for a global industrial asset management company, EquipNet, Inc. Jessica holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communications and Public Relations from Suffolk University and offers many years of experience in various forms of writing. Some of her favorite hobbies include exploring new music, creative writing and spending time with her dogs.


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