Online Voting Systems: How Investing in Blockchain Technology Is a Profitable Move for Your Software Business?

18 Apr



  • Introduction
  • Role of advanced technologies in online voting system
  • The benefit of improved voter experience with minimum infrastructure
  • New product launch

The online voting system is a software platform designed to securely manage votes and elections. It operates digitally, eliminating the need for paper ballots. In addition, many reputable vendors of secure voting platforms provide consultancy services to assist organizations in customizing and implementing their voting procedures effectively. The flexibility of modern online voting platforms greatly enhances the convenience and ease of online voting. Many organized groups utilize online voting systems to facilitate decision-making and manage their administrative affairs effectively.

Role of advanced technologies in the online voting system industry

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology offers a highly secure method for storing and transmitting data, making it well-suited for online voting systems. Through advanced cryptographic techniques, blockchain ensures the anonymity of votes and safeguards them against tampering or manipulation. A blockchain-based system has the potential to establish a secure environment for citizens, establishing trust and resolving uncertainties. It significantly enhances the security of the voter registry. Both citizens and authorized government officials update voter records with enhanced security, as blockchain maintains an immutable record of changes, including details such as the account responsible for the change and the timestamp.

In addition, independent watchdogs monitor edits of voter records in real time on the blockchain, effectively detecting frauds or suspicious activities.

One of the key advantages of blockchain technology is its transparency. Each vote is logged on a publicly accessible ledger, facilitating easy auditing by any interested party. This ensures fairness and transparency in the voting procedure, minimizing the potential for fraud or manipulation. Conventional voting systems, due to their slow nature, face challenges in processing large volumes of votes promptly. In contrast, blockchain technology provides a notably efficient and scalable solution, enabling swift and trustworthy vote counting.

Encryption software

Encryption software is fundamental to the integrity of online voting systems, offering vital security, privacy, and integrity to the voting process. Encryption algorithms, such as homomorphic encryption, allow algebraic operations to be conducted on encrypted data while keeping the data itself hidden. This technology is integrated into election infrastructure, enabling ballots to be encrypted and tallied without compromising their actual content.


Virtualization enhances the security, scalability, and accessibility of online voting systems by creating isolated environments for the voting process. Utilizing virtualization technologies, these environments prevent unauthorized access and protect the integrity of voting. For example, virtual machines or containers isolate the voting system from other networks and systems.

Benefits of improved voter experience with minimum infrastructure

The absence of physical infrastructure, such as printed ballots, booths, and staff allocation, reduces financial investments and lessens reliance on manpower. This trend opens up new opportunities in the industry, particularly in online voting and alternative technologies. Online voting systems offer increased efficiency, enhanced accuracy, and higher voter engagement compared to traditional paper ballots. 

Furthermore, the online voting system offers various conveniences to the voters. As these voting systems do not require a person to visit a booth, they reduce transportation costs, save the time that is required for coming to or going from the polling booths, and provide benefits to the voters who have medical conditions.

Frontrunners strategies to sustain the dynamic industry

The online voting industry is anticipated to manifest the fastest CAGR of 9.8% by 2032. The growth is attributed to advantages provided to physically disabled people, ease of counting, enhanced voter experience with less infrastructure, and a high adoption rate of mobile devices. Frontrunners and government entities have adopted strategic alliances to sustain the competitive industry. For instance, in January 2024, Elections Canada introduced an online tool designed to assist voters in navigating misinformation and disinformation surrounding the electoral process in Canada. (Eva Salinas/CBC). Elections Canada aims to protect Canadian voters from false narratives and misinformation during the federal election by unveiling an online tool designed to assist voters in discerning accurate information about the electoral process in Canada.

Moreover, in January 2024, Elections Ontario introduced ’Register to Vote,’ a new online tool for voter registration, applicable to both local and provincial elections in Ontario. While Elections Ontario retains its responsibility for administering provincial elections in Ontario, it extended its mandate to include management of voter information for local elections. Local elections continue to fall under the responsibility of local electoral bodies and involve the election of municipal council members, district social services administration board (DSSAB) members, and school board trustees.

To conclude, the global online voting systems industry has experienced growth due to advantages provided to physically disabled people, ease of counting, enhanced voter experience with less infrastructure, and high adoption rate of mobile devices. However, a surge in the adoption of technological advancements in the government sector along with effective government policies is anticipated to open new avenues for the industry in future. 

For a detailed analysis of the competitive scenario and segmentation of the global online voting systems industry, contact our experts today!

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