Which Types of Refrigerant Compressors Can Empower Your Business with Eco-Friendly Solutions?

1 Mar



  • Popular types of refrigerant compressors
  • A2L compressors and their benefits
  • Refrigerant compressors and sustainability
  • Key developments in the sector

Compressors are the key components in any refrigeration or air conditioning system. Their main function is to compress the refrigerant gas or liquid and allow it to move along the refrigerant circuit. Refrigerant compressors work directly with the condenser and evaporator coil along with the expansion valve. By making temperature and pressure differences, these compressors are responsible for the refrigeration process that takes place in a basic refrigeration circuit. In this article, we are going to discuss the different types of refrigerant compressors that can potentially transform the cooling and refrigeration industries.

The latest types of refrigerant compressors revolutionizing businesses in this domain

Different types of compressors are designed to serve better in different operating environment conditions, and loads. Reciprocating or piston compressors are the most common types that use a piston-based operation like a combustion engine. With the movement of the piston, the temperature and pressure are increased, resulting in the flow of the refrigerant gas or liquid out of the compressor into the condenser.

Another popular type of cooling compressor is screw compressor. York DXS45 is one of the widely used screw compressors that feature two or more helical screws rotating at a high speed to compress the refrigerant gas. Such types of compressors are mainly known for their excellent output and power ranging from 20 kW to 1200 kW. However, they are bulkier than piston compressors that require more space.

On the other hand, scroll compressors are the most sophisticated compressors that make use of radial movement in mating parts to reduce mechanical stress. These types of compressors have fewer points of fault and are easier to maintain. The best thing about these compressors is that they offer less torque variation and greater power output. The other type of refrigerant compressor is a hermetic compressor that includes a motor and compressor encased in a hermetically welded envelope. This type of sealing system protects key components from the outside environment and offers low maintenance costs.

How can A2L compressors bring significant refrigerant transition?

A2L compressors are the latest-generation refrigerants that include mildly flammable alternatives such as R-32 and R-454. These systems offer improved leak mitigation and detection capabilities. These compressors consist of relays or devices used for switching electrical currents, variable frequency drives, controllers, and electrical enclosures which can contain all these systems.

A2L compressors use lower-flammable materials which makes them safer to use compared to traditional compressors. The compressors offer material compatibility and can be employed with the same type of oil designs as used in the previous types of compressors. Moreover, A2L compressors have a lower refrigerant density which enables them to maintain huge capacity targets. The discharge temperature of these compressors can rise by about 7 Degrees Celsius under high load conditions. However, it does not create a problem in the general operating range. Such refrigerant properties offer additional motor torque to match the internal overloads.

Moreover, A2L compressors offer easy installation and better service. These compressors do not touch the refrigerant circuit and can be used for both A2L and conventional systems. They prevent the possibility of a spark during operation and protect the circuit and systems from burnout.

Can refrigerant compressors help energy users achieve their sustainability goals?

Modern refrigerant compressors are energy-efficient compressors that can help business owners to make significant energy savings. These compressors are composed of variable speed elements that offer better control of cooling output, avoiding unnecessary energy consumption during low-demand periods. Traditional compressors such as hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) are used to generate greenhouse gases during their operation. However, refrigerant compressors with lower global warming potential (GWP) are ideal for mitigating the rising climate change issues. Moreover, these systems are designed to capture the heat generated during the cooling process which can be further used for water heating, and other industrial processes.

Favorable moves and innovations by top players in the domain

Many leading players in the refrigerant compressors industry have made profitable alliances and come up with innovative product launches to safeguard the competitive landscape. For instance, Danfoss, a Danish multinational company announced its acquisition of BOCK GmbH, a leading German-based manufacturer of CO₂ and low-GWP compressors. With this acquisition, Danfoss aimed to become a provider of greener cooling and heating solutions to meet global and regional climate goals.

On the contrary, LG Electronics, a South Korean multinational conglomerate announced the launch of its new scroll compressor production line in Mexico. By opening this compressor line, the company aimed to produce eco-conscious solutions and create a shorter supply chain for servicing customers across North America. The company also aimed to strengthen its manufacturing infrastructure by offering ventilation and air-conditioning solutions.

To wrap up, the rise in cold-chain industries and the increase in industrialization in developing countries is expected to bring immense opportunities for the sector in the coming years. Moreover, the rise in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries is predicted to fuel the domain to reach new peaks in the future.

To gain detailed insights into the refrigerant compressors industry, feel free to talk to our esteemed analysts today! They can also help you develop new business strategies and initiatives.

Rosy Behera

Rosy Behera

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