Demand Side Platform (DSP) Systems: Empowering Industries with Enhanced Marketing Potential

21 Mar


Key Takeaways:

  • Introduction
  • Diverse applicability of DSP
  • VIOOH’s Trade Manager and Intelligence
  • Key acquisitions in the domain

A demand side platform (DSP) is specifically designed software that allows an advertiser to buy ad space with the help of automation. It allows advertising companies to buy high-quality traffic at a large scale with minimal friction. In other words, DSP is a powerful marketing automation tool. These platforms help advertisers reach a wide range of publishers with lower prices and access better tools for tracking ad performance. It is an evolution of ad networks that incorporate capabilities such as real-time bidding. These platforms are much more advantageous for advertisers. They do not have to manually contact hundreds of publishers to advertise their products or services. These platforms help them with the management of their advertisements across many real-time bidding networks.

Wide applicability of demand side platform system benefiting several industries

These platforms are immensely helpful for the financial sector in various aspects. Financial institutions use DSPs to target potential customers with personalized ads across various digital channels. Such platforms use data analytics and AI to analyze customer behavior, allowing several fintech companies reach specific audience across different regions who might be interested in their financial products such as credit cards, investment services, and loans. Moreover, these platforms help financial firms enhance their brand awareness by delivering targeted ads to relevant audiences, useful for launching new financial products or services. In addition, due to their enhanced capabilities, these platforms detect and prevent fraudulent activities such as theft identification, fraudulent payments, and account takeovers. They analyze a vast amount of transaction data in real-time, enabling financial firms to identify anomalies and trigger alerts for further identification. Owing to the extensive application of these platforms in the field of finance, the financial sector is anticipated to hold the dominant share in the industry, generating a revenue of $46,778.0 million from 2023 to 2032.

In the healthcare sector, DSPs help several healthcare organizations conduct clinical research and make a specific target approach to reach individuals who meet required eligibility criteria. This approach speeds up the recruitment process and ensures the successful completion of clinical trials. Moreover, many leading healthcare institutions use these platforms to support disease awareness campaigns by delivering targeted messages to individuals at high-risk health conditions. With the help of these platforms, the healthcare institutions run these campaigns through connected TV platforms making individuals aware about diseases, their treatment options, preventive measures, and better disease management.

VIOOH Trading Manager and VIOOH Intelligence– Empowering media owners

In June 2023, VIOOH, the renowned digital out of home (DOOH) supply-side platform, announced the launch of its new VIOOH Trading Manager, a real-time programmatic platform, and VIOOH Intelligence, a suite of advanced features emphasizing programmatic deal management and yield optimization. VIOOH Trading Manager enables out-of-home media owners to trade their inventory with 40 leading demand-side platforms integrated in real-time. However, VIOOH Intelligence helps media owners to maximize the usage and value of their inventories by utilizing a suite of additional data-led features. Such advanced technologies help media owners to optimize revenue from their finite number of screens by campaigning them at the right price.

A light on the contribution of leading players in shaping the industry

Many leading players in the demand side platform system industry have made profitable alliances to stay ahead in the competitive landscape. For instance, in June 2022, Microsoft Corporation, a leading American multinational corporation and technology company, announced its acquisition of Xandr, Inc. an advertising and analytics subsidiary of Microsoft. With this acquisition, Microsoft aims to strengthen its digital advertising platforms by accelerating the delivery of premium advertising products.

Furthermore, in September 2022, Criteo S.A., an advertising company that provides online display advertisements, announced the launch of Commerce Max, a self-service, all-in-one demand-side platform to help brands and agencies to reach out to valuable audiences on retailer sites using on-site sponsored and display ads.

To wrap up, the rise in adoption of smartphones and the emergence of high-speed internet are expected to boost the growth of the industry. Furthermore, the increase in the adoption of AI among AdTech companies is anticipated to bring immense opportunities for the sector in the years to come.

To identify more insights into the demand side platform (DSP) system industry, feel free to talk to our esteemed analysts today! They help businesses develop new strategies and initiatives.

Koyel Ghosh

Koyel Ghosh

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