Which Nephrology and Urology Device Technologies Should Businesses Invest in?

28 Mar



  • Introduction 
  • Advanced technologies in nephrology and urology devices 
  • Prominent trends in the sector 
  • New product launches and partnerships 

Urology and nephrology devices include medical equipment utilized in diagnosing and treating conditions related to the urinary track and kidneys. Urologists depend on a range of devices to conduct surgeries, diagnostic tests, and procedures. These devices are developed to assist in various procedures including kidney stone removal, dialysis, bladder management, and urine collection. They play a vital role in enhancing quality of treatment, reducing the burden associated with renal & urological diseases and improving patient outcomes. 

Few examples of nephrology and urology devices are urinary catheters, ureteral catheters, urology guidewires, stone baskets, urinary stents, renal dilators, hemodialysis machines, dialysis machines, cystoscopes, urine analyzers, urodynamic systems, peritoneal dialysis machines, prostate stents, urological lasers, and lithotripters. These devices play vital roles in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of conditions affecting the urinary system and kidneys. 

Which technological advancements have changed the outlook of the industry? 

Advancement in urology devices has enhanced the standard of patient care. In the domain of urology, innovations have introduced a revolutionary shift toward precision and minimal invasive procedures. Procedures such as robot-assisted and laparoscopy surgeries have become standard practice, resulting in shorter recovery periods and minimal scarring. Laser technology is especially significant in the treatment of conditions such as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and kidney stones. 

These devices effectively break down stones with precision, reducing the necessity for invasive surgeries. Moreover, advanced endoscopic imaging systems provide urologists with clear visualizations of the urinary tract by improving diagnostic accuracy. High-definition cameras, in combination with diagnostic tools such as ultrasound and MRI, enable thorough examinations and early detection of urological issues.  

Rise in prevalence of chronic kidney diseases and increase in ageing population have resulted in surge in demand for urological devices, particularly consumables. Owing to this, the consumables and accessories segment is anticipated to generate absolute revenue growth of $10,766.78 million from 2022 to 2032. Prosthetic devices such as catheters and implants have undergone significant advancements, leading to improved patient comfort and fewer complications. 

Which trends have pioneered the future of the sector? 

Rise in adoption of minimal invasive procedures 

The increased uptake of minimal invasive and robotic surgeries, coupled with the establishment of dialysis centers, has played a significant role in driving the industry's growth. Minimal invasive urological surgery involves small incisions and utilizes tools such as surgical robots to assist in the procedure. These advancements enable surgeons and their teams to visualize affected areas and conduct surgery with minimal damage to surrounding tissues. This upward trend is projected to persist throughout the forecast period, fueling the expansion of the global urology device industry. 

Growth in awareness about kidney diseases 

Major kidney diseases, including cystic kidney diseases, chronic kidney diseases, hemolytic-uremic syndrome, lupus nephritis, and renal cysts have led to kidney failure, requiring early diagnosis for timely intervention. As a result, top players concentrate on affordable, safe, and effective treatment development. Furthermore, heightened awareness among individuals about urologic diseases and available treatment options has led to a rapid increase in demand for urology devices.  

The emerging landscape of the South African nephrology and urology devices industry 

The nephrology and urology devices industry in South Africa has witnessed growth due to several key factors, such as a surge in cases of urological diseases and the rise in prevalence of chronic kidney diseases. In addition, presence of advanced healthcare infrastructure, surge in ageing population, and dedicated focus on enhancing healthcare services are the factors driving the expansion of the industry in South Africa. Owing to these factors, the South Africa nephrology and urology devices industry is projected to showcase growth at the highest CAGR of 8.0% from 2023 to 2032.  

How did top entities sustain the competitive industry? 

The global nephrology and urology industry is dynamic, and frontrunners have adopted innovative strategies to increase their share in the sector. For instance, the FDA granted approval for the LithoVue™ Elite Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope System developed by Boston Scientific in February 2023. This innovative device marks the first ureteroscope capable of real-time monitoring of intrarenal pressure during ureteroscopy procedures. A pressure sensor integrated into the tip of the ureteroscope offers real-time measurements, enabling urologists to make informed clinical decisions related to pressure during procedures. 

Moreover, a prominent global supplier of medical technologies, Teleflex Incorporated, collaborated with Shenzhen Insighters Medical Technology Co., Ltd. in June 2023. This collaboration designates Teleflex as the exclusive supplier of the Insighters® Video Laryngoscope system in the U.S. This system is designed for endotracheal intubation procedures assistance and upper glottic airway examination. 

To sum up, in the domain of urology, innovations have introduced a revolutionary shift toward precision and minimal invasive procedures. The global nephrology and urology industry has gained momentum due to the surge in demand for minimal invasive procedures, advanced technologies, and growth in the prevalence of urological & kidney diseases. However, promising opportunities in emerging industries are expected to open new avenues for the industry in the upcoming era.  

For a detailed analysis of the global nephrology and urology devices industry, contact our experts today! 

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Koyel Ghosh

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