Booking a Travel Accommodation has Become an Online Tap on the App

2 Mar


Traveling has become an essential part of life in this era. Everybody is keen to explore new places, cities, and countries. Also, the trouble-free services offered by the traveling and booking companies have augmented the motivation of traveling amongst the crowd. Travel accommodation has progressed exponentially over the last few years. A report by Allied Market Research discloses that the global travel accommodation market is expected to harvest $893 billion, supported by a CAGR of 4.50% by 2026. This is owing to factors such as significant growth in the corporate travel industry, and consumer spending shift from product to experience. Besides, the flourishing global tourism as well as fuels the market. On the other hand, technological advancements elevated the development of the industry. Also, novelties through artificial intelligence are expected to offer worthwhile opportunities to the market.

The involvement of software-based technologies and online portals for accommodation bookings have eased traveling and enhanced the experience. These applications offer budget-friendly accommodations based on the traveler’s convenience, along with further information regarding the environment around the accommodation, and other facilities offered by the providers. Though the services are not available for every single place, however, the traveling companies are initiating to involve more and more tourist places to provide further information and make traveling more opportune. The industry has undergone several key innovations recently. A travel management company Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) has recently launched its open API-based travel management platform. On the other hand, Singapore as well created a new travel application for accommodation requirements and other bookings during traveling. Following are the activities in-detailed:

Latest activities to hit the arena:

New mobile applications to be launched to enhance the experience of your travel accommodation. Recently, CWT has announced to launch myCWT its flagship platform, in China. The initiative has been taken to ease business travel for companies and employees, globally. With the launch, the company has become the first global travel management provider to produce an omnichannel, open API-based platform. Furthermore, CWT offered the facility in China based on the experience of working with Chinese travel, technology and e-commerce partners. The platform offers all the gradations of the market including content, payments and integration abilities along with offering CWT’s global offer to enhance customer’s experience. Its open API architecture simplifies the combination of third-party applications and client systems, offering a wide selection of products, content, and services by CWT. Furthermore, the platform provides an easy process for booking from searches to payment approvals. On the other hand, it increases the choices for the user and offers a complete omnichannel experience to them.

Apart from this, an integrated travel management platform has been announced to be launched in early 2020, in Singapore. The CEO of BlackBook, a platform for leisure, travel, and tours, Iqbal Jumabhoy aims to provide the travelers with possibly the largest inventory of more than 1.82 million hotels online. Furthermore, the platform provides all the travel planning tools and reward conversion packages together along with other perks including hotel stays, dining options, cash backs and chances to earn refunds.


The trend of traveling has been changed over a few decades. Exploring new places offers various benefits including experiencing a new culture, relaxation and quality holidays. However, what becomes the priority at the end is accommodation during the tour. Searching for best and under-budget accommodations, at new places is quite difficult. Thanks to the technological advancements that simplified those horrible experiences of opting accommodations with no proper facilities just for the sake of the budget. The traveling applications haven’t just offered best accommodations but also accompanied the traveler with other information including navigation, maps, cabs booking and other guidance. Moreover, since the developments are inconstant, the travel accommodation industry has a lot more scope. Yet with the growing trend of applications, the travel accommodation market is anticipated to progress more in the coming years.


Alex Hillsberg

Alex Hillsberg

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