Streamlining the FinTech Operations of Businesses with Financial Leasing Services

29 May



  • Introduction
  • Role of financial risk management software in leasing
  • Growth of the Asia-Pacific region
  • Strategic alliances by key players

A financial lease is a contractual arrangement in which a lessee acquires an asset for most of its economic life, closely resembling ownership. This lease includes a purchase option, allowing the lessee to buy the assets at the end of the lease term. It offers benefits such as spreading out costs and gaining tax advantages. Capital efficiency is vital for expanding the financial leasing services industry. Flexibility and customization are factors contributing to the rapid growth in the financial leasing services industry. 

In today's dynamic business landscape, companies demand personalized financial solutions that can adapt to their unique needs. Financial leases or operational leases offer the ability to craft lease agreements to meet specific requirements. Businesses can negotiate payment structures, end-of-lease options, and lease terms, creating arrangements that align with their financial and operational strategies. This high level of customization enables organizations to tackle evolving industry conditions and changing business priorities.

Financial risk management software for enhanced security of leasing

Leasing companies use financial risk management software to conduct stringent credit checks on customers and assess the future resale value of leased equipment before entering lease agreements. This software helps quantify portfolio credit risk and monitor risk exposure, ensuring more informed and secure leasing decisions. Leasing companies raise substantial funds for lease transactions.  Here, risk management software enhances financial stability and operational efficiency by ensuring funding liquidity through diversified funding sources and monitoring liquidity risk exposure.

Moreover, leasing management software automates the entire leasing process, from customer onboarding to credit scoring, application management, document management, and disbursements. This automation helps leasing companies streamline operations and focus on business development.

Analyzing dynamics of the financial leasing services industry in the Asia-Pacific region

Countries like India, China, and Southeast Asian nations are adopting leasing as a cost-effective solution for asset acquisition, driving the industry’s growth. The region's favorable demographics, increasing urbanization, and government initiatives supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) further contribute to the expansion of the financial leasing services industry. Businesses in this region are transitioning to financial leasing to access advanced equipment and technology without substantial upfront costs. 

Additionally, government initiatives and favorable regulatory environments further stimulate market growth. The shift toward vehicle outsourcing in Asia Pacific's leasing industry is notable. Japan and South Korea have well-established leasing sectors, while India's leasing sector is also expected to grow steadily as consumers become more aware of the advantages of leasing. The Indian financial leasing services industry is projected to cite a notable CAGR of 20.2% by 2032. 

Contribution of private entities in promoting financial leasing services

Leading players have revolutionized the sector by launching innovative products with advanced technologies. High investment in R&D activities is also fueling industrial growth. For instance, in May 2024, SP Group (SP) declared a partnership with CMB Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. through Shirui Energy Technology Co., Ltd., its wholly owned subsidiary. This collaboration is designed to offer competitive financing services, fueling SP Group's efforts in deploying renewable energy solutions across China. 

The partnership will focus on SP’s target cities and projects, involving distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, utility-scale solar farms, district cooling and heating, and energy storage. With this alliance, SP will capitalize on CMB Financial Leasing’s financial advisory services, diverse range of products, and an efficient approval process that meets industry standards. This will enhance SP’s asset liquidity and optimize its asset structure.

Similarly, in November 2021, Mahindra Finance launched a lease-based vehicle subscription business designed for urban centers. This is an excellent opportunity for Mahindra Finance to generate value for its stakeholders through a profitable business model and aims to strengthen its balance sheet by capitalizing on emerging opportunities in this business vertical.

To conclude, the evolution of innovative products and technologies with favorable demographics and government support continues to drive the expansion of the financial leasing industry. Private entities are playing a vital role in shaping the market's landscape and meeting the evolving needs of businesses through strategic alliances and investments in research and development. With the right strategies, financial leasing services providers are estimated to unlock new opportunities, drive economic growth, and meet the diverse needs of businesses across various sectors.

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Koyel Ghosh

Koyel Ghosh

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