Why Should Foot Care Product Businesses Invest in Smart Orthopedic Insoles?

1 Mar



  • Introduction
  • Trends in the foot care product industry
  • The potential of smart orthopedic insoles
  • Key acquisitions in the sector

The beauty and personal care industry has experienced substantial growth in the past few years. Individuals prioritize personal hygiene and health to enhance their appearance. Foot care products have gained robust demand in this industry. These products involve solutions namely, creams, lotions, shoes, orthopedic insoles for foot-related issues such as bunions, calluses, fungal infections, foot odor, and pain.

The primary goal of foot care products is to protect the skin from UV radiation and various diseases. Individuals with diabetes and compromised blood circulation look for versatile foot care products that provide extra advantages. These products aid in both preventing and treating various foot conditions, including issues such as nail health, toe pain, discomfort in the fingers, and heel pain.

How are prominent trends transforming the foot care product industry’s landscape?

  • Personalized products:  

The foot care products industry has witnessed the rise of customized and travel-friendly foot care products, with brands enabling consumers to personalize their choices by selecting specific fragrances, ingredients, or even product names. On-the-go solutions, including single-use foot masks, portable plastic jars, and mess-free roll-on lotions, have gained traction among busy costumers. These trends respond to the surge in demand for convenient yet high-quality foot care.

  • Sustainable packaging and natural components:

Sustainably sourced packaging and natural ingredients are a significant trend impacting the development and positioning of new products. Various natural ingredients, including coconut oil, shea butter, honey, beeswax, oats, seeds, plant oils, and fruit extracts, have experienced increased popularity. Eco-conscious brands opt for recyclable, ecofriendly packaging made from renewable sources. The increase in demand for environmentally friendly products among consumers drives sustainability to become a mainstream trend.

  • Value-added and multifunctional products:

Consumers have shown interest in products that provide a range of benefits in a single product. Foot creams and lotions, formulated to nourish, exfoliate, smooth, and address specific issues, have become more favored as compared to standard moisturizing products. Combination products with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties have gained popularity. Moreover, there is a trend toward incorporating value-added features such as cooling, heating, and massaging to provide a luxurious user experience. A significant trend in product development is the integration of multifunctionality to offer enhanced value.

Smart orthopedic insoles: advanced technology in the foot care products industry

Smart orthopedic insoles technology in footcare products has led to notable advancements in personal health and podiatry. Smart insoles, featuring sensors that analyze pressure points and examine the gait, provide valuable data for detecting issues in walking patterns. This information is vital in the diagnosis and treatment of various foot conditions.

Individuals track their health through various smartphone apps that collect data from smart insoles. This capability assists in the early detection of issues, such as diabetic foot problems or plantar fasciitis. Smart insoles are game changers for diabetes patients, as they alert users to temperature alterations in their feet. This feature helps to prevent ulcers and other foot issues associated with diabetes.

In addition, some footwear manufacturers have integrated smart insole technology into their products, making them more user-friendly. These shoes offer real-time feedback to users on their gait and foot health. Athletes incorporate smart insoles into their training regimens to optimize their performance. These devices provide insights into running mechanics, help athletes in fine-tuning their movements, and reducing the risk of injuries.

Smart insoles are used in elderly care to monitor balance and mobility, preventing accidental falls. In addition, these insoles prove valuable in rehabilitation and physical therapy by providing data that allows healthcare professionals to assess patients’ progress and adjust treatment plans accordingly.

The use of data collected from smart insoles allows healthcare professionals to remotely monitor the foot health of patients, which allows early intervention and proactive care. Owing to this, the medical category is expected to generate an absolute revenue growth of $1,586 million by 2032.

The rising potential of Spain's foot care products industry:

The foot care industry in Spain has gained traction due to the rise in prevalence of foot issues such as plantar fasciitis, arthritis, & diabetes and the robust demand from the sports & athletics sectors. Hence, the sector is expected to cite a notable CAGR of 8.8% by 2032.

How are leading players maintaining their dominance in the foot care products industry?

The foot care products sector is dynamic and key players have implemented novel strategies such as mergers, acquisitions, product launches, and partnerships to sustain the competition. For instance, on February 02, 2024, Avia Pharma Holding AB, known as Avia, completed the acquisition of a prominent German dermatology company specializing in skin, foot, and nail care, Neubourg Skin Care GmbH. With this acquisition, Avia has incorporated a robust dermatology brand portfolio into its platform in Germany. This includes Allpresan, the leading foam-based foot care brand in the German market.

On the other hand, medical technology firm Enovis entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the Novastep business from the French surgical device provider, Amplitude Surgical on April 03, 2023. This strategic move has been planned to strengthen Enovis's presence in the global foot and ankle market. Novastep specializes in developing solutions for extremities surgery, focusing on the foot and ankle.

To conclude, the global foot care products industry has gained momentum due to rise in demand for organic products, the emergence of value-added foot care products, improvement in distribution channels, and growth in marketing activities. However, opportunities for establishing direct distribution networks are expected to open new avenues for the industry in the future.

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