Nebulizers: Why Should Your Medical Device Business Keep Track of These Devices?

21 Mar



  • Introduction
  • Efficiency of nebulizers
  • Trends in the nebulizer industry
  • Key product launches

Nebulizers are devices designed to convert liquid medications into a fine mist, facilitating their easy absorption into the lungs. They are utilized to treat a range of health conditions, including COPD, asthma, and cystic fibrosis. Additionally, they employed along with inhalers as part of the treatment routine. The global nebulizer industry is anticipated to manifest a notable Compound Annual Growth Rate of 7.8% by 2032. The growth is attributed to the surge in the geriatric population and the increase in the prevalence of respiratory diseases. 

Efficiency of nebulizers  

Nebulizer medications are available in various formulations. Some are in the form of a solution, while others are suspensions. In a solution, the drug mixture is dissolved, making it easy to aerosolize. However, in suspension formulations, drug particles are not entirely dissolved, which causes challenges for certain types of nebulizers when it comes to aerosolization. The effectiveness of the inhaler depends on how much medicine is inhaled into the lungs. One consideration is the residual volume or the amount of unused medication sitting in your medicine bottle at the end of treatment. Since almost all the medicines are delivered to the lungs, some nebulizers leave little residual volume, making them more efficient.

 Prominent trends shaping the outlook of the nebulizer industry

Miniaturization and portability

Traditional nebulizers were large and reliant on a power supply, which hindered their portability. However, the emergence of portable, battery-operated nebulizers has transformed the industry. These compact devices enable patients to deliver medication at their homes, offering increased mobility and ease of use. The increasing adoption of portable mesh nebulizers is fueling the growth of the industry. These compact and user-friendly devices provide convenience and ease of use, making them the preferred choice for patients with respiratory conditions.

Home healthcare

The growing inclination towards home healthcare and the increasing trend of self-management have driven the demand for nebulizers. Patients now have the convenience of self-administering their medication at home, leading to fewer hospital visits and reduced healthcare expenditures. Nebulizers offer an efficient method of delivering medication directly to the lungs, optimizing drug absorption while reducing systemic side effects.

How are prominent players maintaining their supremacy in the nebulizer industry?

The global nebulizer industry is dynamic and is transforming due to technological advancements. Top entities in the industry are investing in R&D activities to discover novel products with high efficiency and precision. For instance, HCmed Innovations and AeroRx Therapeutics collaborated in October 2022 to pioneer a novel therapeutic blend comprising various classes of bronchodilators, which help widen the airways, enabling easier breathing. This innovative approach is designed to assist individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

The new combination will administer through a breath-actuated nebulizer, a handheld device that dispenses a mist of medicine when the patient inhales. In this partnership, AeroRx will handle the formulation of the COPD bronchodilators, conduct all clinical trials, and develop the commercialization strategy for the medication. On the other hand, HCmed will customize the breath-actuated mesh nebulizer platform, known as AdheResp, which involves refining the aerosol formulation to deliver the medication effectively.

On the other hand, Synergy Life Science, Inc. ("Synergy"), a frontrunner in pioneering novel ingredients and innovative products for the consumer health and wellness market, unveiled Nebi, the inaugural pocket-sized, fully battery-operated nebulizer, on January 25, 2023. Nebi utilizes interchangeable, replaceable cartridges crafted for diverse applications, conditions, and indications, ensuring consistent delivery of beneficial medicines and treatments in the form of safe, cool water vapor. Initially, this handheld nebulizer will prioritize cannabis, wellness, and smoking termination therapies, showcasing the significant potential to address numerous treatment options across various industries.

To conclude, the global nebulizer industry is gaining momentum due to the surge in the geriatric population and the increase in the prevalence of respiratory diseases. However, a rise in strategic alliances by top entities is expected to offer promising growth opportunities to the sector in the upcoming era. 

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