Exploring the Versatility of Calcium Aluminate Cement Meeting Various Industry Demands

12 Jun



  • Various applications of calcium aluminate cement
  • Factors increasing the demand for this cement across Asia-Pacific
  • Promising acquisitions by leading players

Calcium aluminate cement is a special class of strong, high-performance heat-resistant cement. It possesses different chemical, physical, and mineralogical properties than that of Portland cement. It is made from a mixture of alumina and limestone at high temperatures. It has a long history of successful use in specialized cement applications, especially where resistance to very high temperatures, sulfates, and mild acids and alkalis are necessary. This cement also works magically where solid strengthening is required.

This versatile cement mainly comprises of monocalcium aluminate, other calcium aluminates, and a couple of less reactive phases obtained from the raw materials’ impurities. Calcium aluminate displays excellent resistance to corrosion, heat, and abrasion when applied as a specialty binder.

Diverse applicability of calcium aluminate cement across various industry settings

As this type of cement offers high resistance properties, it is widely used as coatings and linings for sewer pipes and waste-water applications. It provides enhanced resistance to abrasion, acid, and biogenic corrosion, extending the work life of sewer pipes significantly. Moreover, it is applied in ductile iron pipes for wastewater, concrete pipes for sewage, and rehabilitation of sewer infrastructures.

Additionally, calcium aluminate cement can be used as binders in high-temperature refractory applications requiring high strength. These binders are also used for regulating acid-resistant applications and quick setting mixtures. In most cases, the cement is used to form a refractory matrix as it has the capability of integrating precision-grade aggregates within the green state. Various types of refractory products like silicon carbide, tabular alumina, chamotte, and bauxite are utilized in castable.

Furthermore, this cement is used in a wide range of building chemical products, including tile adhesive, tile grouts, rapid floor screeds, floor leveling compounds, bedding mortars, and sealers. Also, it is mixed with Portland cement to create the mineral base of these chemical products. This mineral base includes a blend of polymers, admixtures, slag, and light calcareous material. Due to its wide applicability in construction activities, the construction segment of the industry is expected to be the fastest growing with a CAGR of 4.9% over 2023-2032.

Nonetheless, calcium aluminate is also used for creating chemical-resistant concrete, often used for industrial floorings. It is also used as construction concrete that needs robust strength development, even at low temperatures.

A look into the growing prominence of calcium aluminate cement across Aisa-Pacific

The high-temperature resistance and durability of this multi-purpose cement has increased its demand for various construction activities across the Aisa-Pacific region. Rapid urbanization and industrialization are the prime factor surging various infrastructure and industrial projects in the region. This has remarkably increased the demand for calcium aluminate cement throughout the region. The cement’s rapid setting, high-temperature resistance, and durability make it a preferred choice for various industrial applications. This is further expected to drive the region’s growth and manifest the fastest CAGR of 5.0% over the estimated period from 2023 to 2032.

Key Acquisitions by Almatis and Cementos Molins – Propelling the CAC industry forward

To safeguard the competitiveness of the calcium aluminate cement industry, several leading players in the landscape have made promising alliances. For Instance, in February 2023, Almatis, a global alumina producer announced its acquisition of the CAC assets of Kerneos, the world-leading manufacturer and supplier of calcium aluminate cements. This acquisition elevated the global reach and product line of Almatis and enabled it to become the top CAC manufacturer globally.

Similarly, in August 2021, Cementos Molins, a Spain-based company engaged in the production, distribution and sale of cements, lime and gypsum acquired all the share capital of Calucem, a specialty cement producer. By signing this agreement, Cementos Molins envisioned expanding and improving its innovative and sustainable solutions portfolio and becoming the world’s second-largest producer of calcium aluminate cement. This acquisition promoted its international development, with a major step forward in its profitable and sustainable growth strategy.

To wind up, the surge in construction and infrastructure development across the globe is anticipated to increase the demand for advanced building materials with specific attributes, driving significant industry growth in the future. Moreover, the rising emphasis on sustainability in the construction sector is expected to create massive opportunities within the landscape in the years to come.

To get insights into the emerging opportunities in the calcium aluminate cement industry, talk to our esteemed analysts here!

Rosy Behera

Rosy Behera

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