The Future of Dysphagia Supplements through Technological Advancements

23 May



  • Introduction
  • The growing popularity of powder thickeners
  • Technological advancements in dysphagia supplement
  • Latest product launches and partnership

Dysphagia, a medical condition, involves difficulties swallowing both liquids and solids. It encompasses various types, including esophageal dysphagia, functional dysphagia, and oropharyngeal dysphagia. A variety of products, including physical therapies, supplements, and pharmaceuticals, are available in the market to help manage this condition. 

Dysphagia supplements are formulated nutritional products for individuals suffering from dysphagia. They guarantee that patients obtain essential nutrients in a format that is easier to swallow. These supplements encompass instant meals, powder thickeners, oral nutritional supplements, and ready-to-drink thickened beverages.

Powder thickeners as cost-effective and versatile solutions

Powder thickeners are being preferred as dysphagia supplements for their versatility and ease of use. These thickeners, including modified-starch powders and gum-based options, are commonly used to thicken liquids and foods for individuals with swallowing difficulties. Starch-based thickeners provide a cost-effective solution, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of individuals requiring dysphagia assistance. Furthermore, manufacturers offer recipes showcasing the diverse culinary applications of powder thickeners by enriching their versatility and effectiveness in dysphagia management. Powder thickeners offer quick preparation, adaptability for various beverages and foods, and convenient usage. These qualities make them the preferred choice for managing dysphagia. Due to these benefits, the powder thickeners segment is expected to hold an absolute revenue of $478.26 million by 2032.

Technological evolution rising effectiveness of dysphagia supplements   

Manufacturers are innovating to create advanced products for individuals with swallowing challenges, aiming for superior nutrition, enhanced safety, and easier ingestion. These advancements involve incorporating developing textured foods for improved chewability and swallowability, offering supplements in diverse formats like powders, liquids, and pre-thickened beverages, and thickening agents to adjust liquid textures.

 They are using advanced research and technology to create supplements that are both potent and user-friendly. This comprises advancements in texture modification, flavor enhancement, and packaging designs specifically formulated to address the unique needs of dysphagia patients.

Nestlé's latest specialized thickener for dysphagia patients

To uphold its dedication to promoting healthier living, Nestlé India has introduced ThickenUp Clear, a food and beverage thickener aimed at aiding patients with swallowing challenges, particularly those with oropharyngeal dysphagia. It can be administered to individuals experiencing swallowing difficulties, clinically referred to as dysphagia, resulting from conditions such as stroke, head and neck cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, and others.

ThickenUp Clear has been clinically validated to enhance swallowing safety and effectiveness. This product is designed using advanced technology in Germany, Osthofen, exclusively for Nestlé Health Science. It is formulated with xanthan gum and possesses qualities such as colorless, tasteless, odorless, and resistant to amylase. Its versatility allows for seamless integration into various liquids, improving swallowing safety and efficacy.

Similarly, In June 2022, Medtrition Inc., a healthcare company, introduced the new Peach Mango Gelatin MCT and enhanced its Gelatin MCT product. Gelatin MCT is designed to offer extra energy and protein in a form that is effortless to consume and digest. Made with MCT oil (medium-chain triglycerides), Gelatein MCT is favored by healthcare professionals because it demands less energy for absorption, utilization, and storage compared to long-chain triglycerides such as corn or soy oil.

On the other hand, In April 2022, Flavour Creations, a prominent manufacturer of innovative dysphagia and nutritional products worldwide, established a distributor partnership with Irish Medical Supplies. This collaboration aims to distribute a selection of Flavour Creations' products. Irish Medical Supplies is anticipated to distribute a range of ready-to-drink beverages, texture-modified molding brands, and dysphagia powders as part of this partnership.

To sum up, the dysphagia supplement industry is gaining momentum due to the surge in awareness about dysphagia and the growing prevalence of the disease. Moreover, the increase in the geriatric population is expected to provide lucrative growth opportunities for the expansion of the field in the coming years. 

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Koyel Ghosh

Koyel Ghosh

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