Cancer Insurance: Understanding the Potential of the Coverage in Accelerating Recovery

10 Jun



  • Introduction
  • Coverage offered by cancer insurance
  • A blend of technology and insurance for better recovery
  • New product and service launches

Cancer insurance is a supplemental health insurance that offers payments to cover cancer treatment costs, or any other expenses as needed. It can help ease the financial burden of treatment, giving you or your loved ones more energy to focus on recovery. The insurance coverage varies and depends on the guidelines set by insurance providers. Some cancer insurance plans cover both medical and non-medical expenses, while others  only include specific medical expenses.

Cancer care insurance offers multiple benefits to reduce financial strain during a cancer diagnosis. Firstly, upon diagnosis, the policy provides a lump-sum payout for immediate financial support. Additionally, in some cases, such as early-stage cancer, the policy can remove future premium payments. The cancer insurance industry is experiencing transformation due to technological advancements in cancer treatment and the surging geriatric population. The industry is expected to display a notable CAGR of 10.2% by 2032.

Comprehensive coverage with cancer insurance plans

As Universal life insurance does not offer coverage for chronic illnesses, the cancer insurance plans cover a wide range of cancer types and stages, ensuring individuals are protected throughout their journey with the illness. These plans commonly include coverage for lung, stomach, ovarian, prostate, and hypopharynx cancer. However, it's essential to be aware that some exclusions may apply, particularly for cancers originating from sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV or AIDS.

Additional exclusions include pre-existing conditions, congenital ailments, contamination resulting from physical, chemical, or biological factors, and cancers triggered by radiation exposure. It's important to note that the precise exclusions can differ between insurance companies. Therefore, it's essential to thoroughly examine the terms of each policy to grasp the complete scope of coverage and any distinct exclusions enforced by each insurer.

Integrating technology and insurance for better recovery

Cancer treatment incorporates advanced technology, crucial therapies, and immunotherapies, enhancing the efficiency and precision of the treatment process. For example, gene editing tools represent one of the latest technological advancements in cancer treatment. These tools enable specialists to modify genes involved in cancer development, leading to more favorable treatment outcomes. 

Additionally, the integration of advanced technology with cancer insurance benefits offers enhanced alternatives for users. Advanced cancer insurance policies now encompass experimental and leading-edge therapies not typically covered by traditional health insurance, appealing to individuals seeking access to the most cutting-edge treatments. Consequently, these factors are anticipated to propel growth in the revenue of the cancer insurance industry during the forecast period.

Cancer insurance and chronic disease solutions reshaping the industry

Leading organizations in the industry are launching new and innovative products to cater to specific needs. Some companies offer broader coverage, including experimental and advanced therapies not widely available or covered by traditional health insurance. 

Income Insurance and Swiss Re jointly launched Singapore's inaugural cancer insurance product

Composite insurer Income Insurance Limited teamed up with Swiss Re to introduce a groundbreaking cancer insurance product in the market. This innovative offering provides comprehensive support throughout the entire period from diagnosis to recovery and includes an assured post-cancer term option.

Complete Cancer Care offers financial assistance and ensures continuous care for individuals diagnosed with cancer. For those in advanced stages of cancer, the product goes further by providing a guaranteed post-cancer coverage option without requiring any health assessment, even after a cancer diagnosis has been made.

Tata AIG launched a new health-related product for chronic diseases

In May 2022, Tata AIG introduced a new health-related product called Tata AIG Criti-Medicare. This comprehensive offering includes cash hospitalization benefits, optional wellness services, coverage for critical illnesses, and a 360-degree cancer benefit as its core features. The product offers two levels of coverage, the Smart Half Century Plan covers 50 critical illnesses, and the Smart Century Premier Plan covers 100 chronic diseases. Policyholders can benefit from a 70% premium waiver in case of a chronic disease. The 360-degree cancer plan encompasses coverage for palliative care, counseling, hotel stays, travel expenses, and ongoing and future medical care.


In conclusion, as the landscape of cancer care evolves, specialized insurance products like cancer insurance play a key role in providing comprehensive support and financial security to individuals and families facing a cancer diagnosis. With innovative advancements and customized offerings, these solutions aim to reduce the burden of treatment costs and facilitate better recovery journeys.


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