Mobile charger or Portable battery, What is your choice?

6 Sep


There are around 2.3 billion smartphones globally. The performance of these smartphones completely depends on the battery of the mobile. The Lithium Ion polymer type of battery is used in most of the mobile phones at present. Higher energy density, low self-discharge, no requirement for priming, low maintenance, and availability of various types of batteries depending on the requirement of the mobile phones are the advantages of the Lithium Ion Polymer battery. By looking at the evolution of the smartphone industry, more and more applications installed on the smartphone utilize the battery installed inside the body of the smartphone. Thus, users of the smartphones requires to carry a portable charger or a portable power bank along with them so as to re-charge the smartphone frequently. Thus, there is continuous improvement in the battery storage capacity.

“Back Battery”

Battery case is also called as “back battery”, “back power”, “digital charging companion”, or “external battery”. It is a combination of the mobile protective case and the power bank. It looks similar to that of the normal mobile phone protective case and provides adequate power in a very convenient and practical manner. The battery case features mobility, protection, high-power durability, compact size, and portable nature. Rising population and escalating adoption of mobile phones among consumers has been creating a huge demand of the battery cases globally.

To increase the life of the battery case, it has to be kept dry as moisture and rain are expected to corrode the electronic circuits and components. Also, the battery case should not be stored at a place with high temperature as such temperature is anticipated to reduce the electronic device life span, damage the battery, and cause some plastic aging. Furthermore, the battery should not be opened as it is expected to damage the battery case.


  • On December 2015, Apple launched the Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6.
  • On November 2017, Mophie launched the most-awaited 2950mAh battery pack case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
  • On September 2017, ZeroLemon launched the 10000mAh Extended Battery Case for iPhone 7 Plus.
  • On April 2018, Mophie announced the nearing launch of the new Qi-certified Juice Pack Air charging case for iPhone X.

Mobile Phone + Accessories

The mobile phone plays an important and vital role in modern day-to-day life. Nowadays, phones allow its users to access the internet, take pictures, listen to music, and feature as storage devices. People also add value to their mobile phones through different mobile accessories that enhance the functionality of the equipment and protect the phone from damage. Mobile phone accessories are considered as hardware or software components, which are not integral to the operation of the mobile phone. In emerging economies, such as India, China, Brazil, and others, the sales of smartphones have increased considerably, which has been creating a secondary demand for mobile phone accessories, which are usually not sold along with smartphones, such as the battery case, protective case, and more. Furthermore, the mobile phone accessories market is highly dynamic, owing to the frequent product launches that have been introducing new features. The interchangeability and compactness of such accessories enable consumers to choose from a wide range of the product offerings.  

Trends in the Mobile Phone Accessories Market

According to a new report by Allied Market Research, titled, the Global Mobile Phone Accessories Market by Product type, Distribution Channel, and Price Range: Global Opportunities Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2017–2025, the global mobile phone accessories market was valued at $217,278 million in 2016, and is projected to reach at $255,149 million by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 2.3% from 2017 to 2023.

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In the current business scenario, it is crucial to employ efficient systems for wireless technologies, owing to increase in the purchasing power and changes in lifestyles of the people. This is the key factor that boosts the sales of mobile phone accessories in the developing economies. Increase in the adoption of smartphones, as they offer effective connectivity to the digital world, majorly drives the market. However, excessive use of headphones affects the hearing ability of the users, which restricts the market. Rapid technological advancements, including implementation of noise cancelling technology, Bluetooth/NFC speakers, and built-in fan and light-in selfie sticks, are expected to offer lucrative growth opportunities during the forecast period.

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Alex Hillsberg

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