High Voltage Super Junction MOSFET: Are You Ready for the Revolution

7 Dec


The Super Junction MOSFET, an upgraded variant of the standard MOSFET, is developed to improve its on-state capabilities and tackle specific drawbacks of regular planar MOSFETs. The unique characteristic of the super junction MOSFET resides in its alternating P-N junction structure within the drift region. This arrangement enables enhanced charge equilibrium and decreases on-resistance. This distinctive design empowers the super junction MOSFET to reach higher voltage ratings and showcase superior switching characteristics, making it exceptionally well-suited for high-power applications.

Benefits of Super Junction MOSFET:

Super junction MOSFETs are widely employed in power electronics and energy conversion systems, owing to their exceptional efficiency and capability to manage high currents and voltages. These devices find common applications in switch-mode power supplies, solar inverters, motor drives, LED drivers, and various other high-power industrial uses. Super junction MOSFETs improve overall system efficiency by reducing power losses and heat dissipation due to their lower on-resistance.

One more benefit offered by Super Junction MOSFETs is their high breakdown voltage. Breakdown voltage denotes the maximum voltage a device can handle before experiencing failure. Super Junction MOSFETs possess a higher breakdown voltage than conventional MOSFETs, which makes them well-suited for high-voltage applications within the global telecommunication infrastructure. This characteristic ensures the reliability and endurance of telecommunication equipment, particularly under high-voltage conditions.

According to a report published by Allied Market Research, the super junction MOSFET market is estimated to manifest the fastest CAGR of 15.1% during the forecast period of 2023 to 2032. The regional analysis in the report states that Japan is anticipated to showcase a notable growth with 16.8% CAGR throughout the forecast timeframe. However, Germany is estimated to gain a second position with a 16.4% CAGR by 2032. 

By application, the memory segment is expected to generate absolute revenue of $164.1 million during the forecast period. Simultaneously, the energy and power, inverter and UPS, consumer electronics, industrial system and others segments are expected to collectively garner an absolute revenue of $524.7 million by 2032.

Recent Developments Shaping the Future of Super Junction MOSFET Industry:

Toshiba has launched a Super Junction Structure N-Channel Power MOSFET with 600V designed to enhance the efficiency of power supplies.

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (Toshiba) has broadened its range of N-channel power MOSFETs manufactured using the most advanced fabrication process. This expanded lineup now includes a 600V super junction structure, specifically designed for use in data centers, switching power supplies, and power conditioners in photovoltaic generators.

Through the optimization of gate design and processes, the 600V DTMOSVI series products demonstrate a reduction in drain-source On-resistance per unit area by roughly 13% and a decrease in the product of drain-source On-resistance and gate-drain charge by approximately 52%—a key performance metric for MOSFETs—compared to Toshiba's existing DTMOSIV-H series products sharing the same drain-source voltage rating. This advancement ensures that the series attains diminished conduction and switching losses, ultimately enhancing the efficiency of switching power supplies.

To conclude, the global super junction MOSFET market is experiencing growth due to increased reliance on electronic devices and machinery, growth of the battery industry, and a rise in the focus on power conservation. However, a growing shift towards electric vehicles is expected to offer remunerative growth opportunities to the market.

Koyel Ghosh

Koyel Ghosh

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